EP233: Showcasing Your Talent: Finding the Perfect Home for Your Portfolio


Making it easy for clients to access your portfolio will keep them engaged and more likely to hire you.

We’re going to answer this question we got from one of our Savvy Nurse Writer members: “Where is the best place to store your portfolio?” So, keep on listening as we discuss portfolios and their importance for a profitable writing business.

Where is the Best Place to Store Your Portfolio?

Key points in this episode:
  • There are various options for housing your portfolio, and I am sharing my preferred choices.
  • Contently is a popular platform that allows you to build an online portfolio for free.
  • While Contently is recommended to store your portfolio, there are many other sites or platforms available.
  • Some individuals prefer to have their portfolio on their own website, but it requires regular updates.
  • Using Google Drive to send links is another option, but having a dedicated presence on your website is crucial to provide quick value to potential clients.
  • Clients appreciate easy access to samples without the need for emailing back and forth.
  • Having a portfolio on your website and LinkedIn profile is vital for showcasing your work.
Resources you can take note of:
  • You may use platforms like Google Drive or Contently to house your actual writing samples.
  • Your website and LinkedIn profile should be the primary places to store your portfolio.
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