EP232 | How to Avoid Project Creep and Price Your Services Like a Boss With Lindy Alexander

Avoiding Project Creep and Pricing Your Services Like a Boss With Lindy Alexander


Don't start a business by underpaying yourself.

In this episode, Lindy Alexander shares valuable insights on how to avoid project creep (or scope creep) and provides tips on pricing your services as a freelance writer. She emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries and guidelines from the start of a project to avoid scope creep. 
About the guest:
Lindy Alexander is an Australian freelance food and travel writer who regularly contributes to major publications such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, The Sydney Morning Herald, and more. She also writes content for organizations, big businesses, non-profits, and universities.
Lindy is the founder of The Freelancer’s Year – a popular blog (that started with her detailing how she made $100K in her first 11 months of full-time freelancing) and hub for online writing courses for aspiring and established freelance writers.
Connect with Lindy on socials!
Instagram accounts – @lindyalexanderwriter and @thefreelancersyear
Twitter – @alexander_lindy

Tips on Avoiding Project Creep and Pricing Your Services

Key points:
  • Defining project creep: Project creep, also known as scope creep, occurs when project boundaries become flexible, and clients make additional requests outside the original scope.
  • The importance of setting clear boundaries
  • Tips for creating contracts and essential things to include to protect your business and set expectations.
  • Pricing your services: should you charge at an hourly rate? When to increase your pricing?
  • Negotiating fair pricing: She shares tips for pricing your services that reflect the value of your expertise and experience as a writer.
Resources to Check Out
Lindy recommends the following tools:
  • VOXER for voice messaging during interviews
  • Otta AI for transcription services
  • Hello Audio for private podcast streams in courses
Lindy’s freelance writing courses: She offers various courses on her website, including feature writing for magazines, travel writing, and a comprehensive course called “Write Earn Thrive” to help freelance writers earn more money doing what they love.
Here are a few different free downloads shared by Lindy that might work for you. All these are available here.
  • An income spreadsheet
  • Finding high-paying clients on LinkedIn
  • A step-by-step guide to landing your first freelance medical client
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