Calling aLL bedside nurses, busy nurses, or tired nurses who are burnt out and ready to explore the world of profitable health writing

Plan - Produce - Profit Course + Membership

Take charge in reinventing your career and see what life looks like in a year from now!

Plan - Produce - Profit

This Course Is For You If You Are:​

  • A highly motivated, aspiring health writer
  • Trying to land your first gig and you are ready to learn foundational business skills through this writing business course.
  • Starting out or under $1000/mo profit
  • Ready to distinguish what is working and let go of what’s not.
  • Loving the idea of short, mini, action-filled modules.
  • Able to set aside time for training and homework.
  • Strong and ambitious, but open to a challenge.
  • The Imperfect business owner

No Need to Join if:

  • You want to keep your business at the size it is right now.
  • You do not think of yourself as coachable or teachable.
  • You’re Not seeking to expand your network or grow your business

Here is What You Will Learn
If You Join Today


planning your health writing business.

Access in the first 2 weeks after enrollment.


Learn to produce leads, how to pitch, and content

Access 4 weeks after enrollment.


Learn to understand pricing, bookkeeping, and Onboarding Clients

Access 6 weeks after enrollment.

All the Lessons in the course


Layout the Blueprint

• Health Writing 101
• What is a niche, why niche down?
• 7 ways to choose a niche
• Focusing on a profitable niche
• How to choose a business name
• Mind blocks behind choosing a name for your business
• Creating your LLC
• SMART Goals
• Find your WHY

Assembling Your Portfolio

• How to structure a blog post
• The writing process
• Gathering samples
• Creating an author bio

Optimize Your Social Media

• Setting up writer social media accounts
• Optimizing your profile on LinkedIn


Creating Leads

• Research your ideal client
• LinkedIn nursing process to find clients

Biz Essentials

• Website Building 101
• Pitching 101

Get Out There

• Letters of Introduction
• One blog 5 different ways
• How to know if a blog takes guest posts
• How to get your pitch read


Selling Writing Services

• Rates
• Project vs. word rate
• Bookkeeping for your freelance business
• Contracts
• Payment set up
• Other peoples audiences
• Create your Business Content Strategy for 2021
• Diversify

Tackling Overwhelm

• In your business vs ON your business
• A Lesson in time
• Outsourcing for Growth
• Onboarding Process
• Stress-free conversations with clients
• Client journey

Meet your Instructor

Hi, I'm Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB , owner of Write RN, Host of The Savvy Scribe Podcast & Author of Entreprenurse and owner of Write RN, LLC

I started my nursing career back in 2006. I worked in all areas of L&D, Postpartum, and newborn nursery.

I started writing for different healthcare blogs and websites in 2012. I am currently writing articles and social media content for publishing companies and various clients.

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, I had to pivot my business model. I had to become a homeschool teacher and had an idea to subcontract some of her work to my other nurse writer friends.

It worked, and it grew quickly into a small agency model, which is where we are today.

You can hear me on the Savvy Scribe Podcast, too!

Start Your Journey Today
And Become a
Successful Health Writing Business Owner

What our course graduates and students are saying?

“What can I say? You've essentially started my business 🙂 You've been an invaluable resource to me with all of your content (so much FREE quality content and the paid is well worth the price) and have been a great sounding board and mentor as I've gotten started.”
Julie Scott
Nurse Practitioner
"The course takes all of the guesswork out of starting your own writing business. It is self-paced, filled with easy to digest content, and provides everything you need to get started on your business immediately."
Erica McNary
Registered Nurse
“You helped me get started! When I had a contract issue with a client, you helped guide me to be proactive with contracts moving forward. I have written most of my articles for your clients and used your courses to land my own clients! I enjoy working with you and hope to be more involved with the business going forward.”
Blyss Splane
CEO, Nurse Splane Writes, LLC
"Thank you Janine for this awesome co-op! Your knowledge is valuable to us. I appreciated the encouragement to the other writers in the group."
Lorilea Johnson
Nurse Practitioner

Savvy Nurse Writer Membership

This membership is jam-packed with tested and proven processes experienced by a NURSEpreneur and shared with nurses who want to scale up. The Plan, Produce, and Profit course has been instrumental in helping nurse writers build a sustainable and satisfying professional identity and pivot into a new line of work that makes most of their unique writing skills and nursing experience. Explore the following tools and resources to move you from where you are to a future you have been dreaming of.

What do you get inside the membership?

Event Calendar with:

• Expert Guests

• Workshops

• Group Coaching

• Coworking Sessions

Mindset talks

• Opportunities to Pitch Clients

• Live Q&A

• Community

Choose Your Level

Membership ONLY - $49/mo

You do NOT get access to the course with this level

Ultimate Membership - $597 + $49/mo (ongoing membership FREE for 2 months)

Access to COURSE + Membership

Still Have Questions?

Comprehensive Course – on demand lessons dripped to you over 6 weeks

  • Layout the Blueprint
  • Assembling your Portfolio
  • Optimizing your Social Media
  • Creating leads
  • Establishing your biz essentials
  • Getting Out there
  • Selling on the phone
  • Tackling overwhelm
  • Onboarding Clients

    Event calendar with:
    • Expert guests
    • Workshops
    • Group coaching
    • Co-working sessions
    • Mindset talks
    • Opportunities to pitch clients
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Digital Downloads
    • Live Q & A
    • Optional 1:1 coaching sessions to build your business

Email me at hello@thesavvyscribepodcast.com and I will give you a special code. 

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