Meet The Creative Mind Behind The Savvy Nurse Writer!

Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB, started her nursing career in a community hospital learning the basics of labor and delivery, admitting patients, the normal newborn, and scrubbing into the operating room. She quickly became a breastfeeding resource nurse and certified CPR instructor.

In 2007, she took a position in a higher acuity facility in the Cleveland, Ohio area. There she worked postpartum and labor and delivery. She became the assistant manager and educated new nurses, developed educational content, and managed other labor and delivery specifications.

From then until now, she has obtained her high-risk OB certification and her BSN.

janine kelbach

How It All Started

I worked bedside for over 20 years as a labor and delivery nurse. Back in 2013, I felt burnt out, tired, not feeling like a good mom or wife because I was always at the hospital.

Maybe you can relate?It’s not because I didn’t like my job, I LOVED my job, but I love my family more. I thought, “there has to be a way to use my nursing skills away from the bedside.” 🤔

That’s when I discovered freelance writing. 💡

Freelance writing is an untouched area that nurses are noticing can make a difference in patients’ lives, in an unconventional way. We got into nursing to help people, but that doesn’t mean we have to be at the bedside in order to do that.

If you’re like me and most nurses I work with sometimes we don’t think we’re qualified to write because that’s not what our degree was for.

Woman using MacBook Air while sitting in the hammock

Let me share with you what nurse freelance writers do:

➡ Nurse writers earn extra income to add to student loan debt or create a side gig.

➡ Nurse writers want to help educate their patients…with their words.

My goal is to help other nurses discover this side job with my resources, course, and podcast episodes. I started writing for different healthcare blogs and websites in 2012. I am currently still writing articles and social media content for publishing companies and various clients.

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, I had to pivot my business model. I had to become a homeschool teacher and had an idea to subcontract some of my work to my other nurse writer friends.

It worked, and it grew quickly into a small agency model, which is where we are today.

I enjoy spending time with my husband, two young boys, and our Great Danes, Marvin and Jupiter. I enjoy the beach, outdoors, working out, running, but most of all, I love being a busy mom.

Podcasts I Have Been Featured On

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