141: How to Make Your Portfolio Stand Out When Applying for Freelance Jobs with Aly Goulet

You will get clients based on the quality that you are able to showcase. As you grow, it becomes really important to make sure that your portfolio lives with you.

Today, I have a guest, Aly Goulet. She is a full-time freelance copywriter. She’s passionate about building tools and resources to help start and scale their own freelance writing, businesses, or businesses in general. Most recently Ali collaborated with a team of developers to create a genius portfolio for WordPress.

She’s going to talk to us all about what clients look for in a profile and then we’re going to go into our live workshop. We will also tackle all things about how to make your profile stand out amongst the rest when you’re applying for freelance jobs, or when you’re pitching.


During interviews, your portfolio does not become timid or bashful. It does not lose its line of thought or utter anything inappropriate. Clients are searching for an unbiased, objective perspective of your work in your portfolio.

It seems self-evident in today’s world that you must have an internet presence. Your portfolio will almost always be the initial point of contact between you and your ideal client. It’s critical that it has all of the information about you and your work that you want clients to know. It should be a concise representation that highlights your skills, showcases your best work, and communicates who you are as a content writer.

There’s no getting around it: your portfolio is the most significant tool you have when it comes to attracting new clients. As your clients’ expectations and perceptions of value quickly develop, your approach to your content must keep pace.

According to Aly, the portfolio has always been a pivotal piece of her business, and then as she has grown her business, she had a really hard time figuring out how to display in the right way what to do and what to add. And so just earlier this year, she ended up launching a portfolio plugin for people to use.

A portfolio is the foundation of a solid freelance business and that is a WordPress plugin. It’s called the Genius Portfolio for WordPress and there are free and premium versions. If you want to go grab the free version, you can check it out right now. It is the easiest way to set up a freelance portfolio. You can ditch those Google Drive links. If you use them, it makes it really easy to add images to your portfolio and makes it really visually appealing. You can add like, descriptions with context and actually upload your snippet of code that we generate for you that you just plop into the page and you’re done.

What do clients look for in a portfolio?


The first thing they’re going to do is to verify your profile or portfolio. It’s that you do what you say you can.


Is this worth the quality that I expect? This is why it is so important that you can update your portfolio. Because there might be some samples that you don’t like anymore because you’ve changed and improved.

You will get clients based on the quality that you are able to showcase. As you grow, it becomes really important to make sure that your portfolio lives with you.

Meet Their Needs

They want to see that you can meet their needs.

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