203: How to Sell Your Service If You’re Completely a Beginner

How do you introduce yourself or sell your service if you're COMPLETELY a beginner? Here's an episode for you to find out!
Episode 203: How To Sell Your Service If You’re Completely A Beginner


Don’t have any portfolio or clients yet? What do you do when you see a great opportunity to be a freelance writer, but you’re brand new with nothing to show? Today, we’re going to cover some tips to introduce yourself or sell your service if you’re COMPLETELY a beginner!

Key points in this episode:

– How to introduce your service offerings if you don’t have any portfolio yet?
– How to let potential clients know if you’re a good fit as a writer?
– Do you need a website to show your track record?
– Should you create a blog?
– Creating samples to show your expertise

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