202: Scaling with Simplicity with Brandi Mowles

episode 202: scaling with simplicity with brandi mowles


I am so thrilled to have my business coach, Brandi Mowles, in this episode of The Savvy Scribe Podcast to share her tips for leveraging a business and the four principles every service-based should follow in scaling with simplicity!
About the Guest:
Brandi Mowles is my business coach, a marketing expert, and the host of the Serve, Scale, Soar podcast. She started out as a freelancer and a podcast ads manager. She made around $6000 a month for about four months into her business. However, she got so burned out from hustling, trying to juggle being a wife, a mom, and now a business owner. That made her realize that she needs to change that style but then wanted to hit bigger revenue goals. She then started to run Pinterest ads, and later turn to Facebook and Instagram ads.
In January 2009, she started to market herself as an ads manager and grew her business to six figures during her first ten months. From a membership group of 25 people, she has now helped over 1500 entrepreneurs, service-based entrepreneurs, scale their businesses.
Key points in this episode:
  • How to start your business when you don’t really know what you’re doing.
  • The right mindset in creating a goal and sticking to it
  • How Brandi started the Serve, Scale, Soar and her goal for creating it
    Identifying your niche and how it works
  • How to implement systems
  • Brandi also shares 3 top books that every entrepreneur should read

4 Principles That Work When You’re Talking About a One-On-One Service-Based Business

  1. Package and Pricing
  2. Systems for Scalability
    • Cheapest software tools to use in your business
    • Project management tool
    • CRM (Customer relationship management)
  3. Marketing Minutes
  4. Elevating your business

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