EP234: 5 Tips to Writing and Releasing a Self-Published Book With Jeanette Zocco

5 Tips to Writing and Releasing a Self-Published Book With Jeanette Zocco


Organization is the key to success in the process of writing a book.

It’s another exciting and informative episode of the Savvy Scribe Podcast! Today, Jeanette Zocco joins us to share five tips for writing and releasing a book.

About the Guest:

Jeanette Zocco is a leader in perinatal quality and safety, with 25 years of experience in obstetrics in the hospital setting. She has worked as a bedside nurse, a charge nurse, a clinical nurse leader, a perinatal safety nurse, and a quality improvement performance specialist. She is known for developing innovative perinatal quality and safety programs in collaboration with multidisciplinary teams. Her programs have demonstrated improved maternal and neonatal safety outcomes.
Her areas of expertise include data analysis, quality improvement, patient safety, nursing education, clinical research, medical record chronology preparation, project management, multidisciplinary simulation, labor and delivery, team training, and fetal heart monitoring education. Some examples of quality improvement initiatives include the following programs: safe reduction in primary cesarean delivery, obstetric hemorrhage safety bundle, shoulder dystocia team response program, sponge accounting system, multidisciplinary placenta accreta program, and team training. Her experience includes both intrahospital and system-level perinatal quality and safety work in a large multi-institutional health care delivery system.
Jeanette holds NCC certifications in inpatient obstetrics, fetal heart monitoring, and obstetric and neonatal quality and safety. In addition, she is certified in simulation through Drexel University.

Her Tips on Writing and Releasing a Book

Tip 1: Get Organized

  • Determine your main buckets of work, such as writing the book, building a social media presence, developing a website, establishing a business, and planning the launch and finally releasing a book.
  • Building a social media presence is essential to create awareness and connect with potential readers.
  • A website adds credibility to your authorship and serves as a central hub for your content.
  • Establishing a business, such as an LLC, can protect your personal assets and provide a professional framework.
  • The book launch is a critical phase that requires careful planning and execution.
Discussion on Social Media:
  • Building a social media presence is crucial even if it feels challenging.
  • You need to build an audience before launching your book to ensure a successful release.
  • Sharing your journey and passion with your audience can generate excitement and interest.

Tip 2: Establish Processes

  • Break down the book writing process into steps like determining content, creating an outline, conducting research, and writing.
  • Research and writing should often be done together to maintain continuity.
  • Consistency is key in your writing process.
Discussion on Time Management:
  • Identify your most productive times for writing.
  • Explore different writing methods, like using your phone or voice recordings.
  • Recognize when to step away from writing if you’re not feeling productive.

Tip 3: Make the Most of Your Time

  • Make use of any available free time for writing, even during vacations or travel.
  • Plan ahead and be ready to work during downtime.
  • Delegation and optimizing your schedule can free up more time for writing.

Tip 4: Have a Good Team

  • Surround yourself with a supportive team, including coaches, advisors, editors, and family.
  • A good team provides guidance, holds you accountable, and offers encouragement when needed.
Discussion on the Importance of a Supportive Team:
  • Having a team can help you stay on track and overcome challenges during the writing process and releasing a book.

Tip 5: Focus on Marketing and Sales

  • After releasing a book, shift your attention to marketing and sales.
  • Consider speaking engagements, podcasts, and other promotional opportunities to reach your target audience.

Discussion on Perinatal Quality and Safety:

  • The book, “Obstetric and Neonatal Quality and Safety (CONQS) Study Guide,” by Jeanette Zocco, focuses on perinatal quality and safety.
  • The book is not just a study guide but also a valuable resource for those interested in the field.
  • Jeanette emphasizes the importance of improving perinatal safety and the impact of her work.


Jeanette’s book, “Obstetric and Neonatal Quality and Safety (CONQS) Study Guide,” is available on Amazon and her website obneonatalstudyguide.com.
Please also follow her on LinkedIn!
Writing and releasing a book requires dedication and a structured approach. Having a good team and focusing on marketing are essential aspects of the process.


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