159: Three Ways to Get Your Writing Noticed with Helen Ryan

Guest posting gives you experience and helps you build your portfolio.

Points to listen for!
  • Guesting and how to find a blog to post to
  • 3 essential ways you can’t ignore to get your writing noticed
  • An opportunity you might want to think about to build a portfolio
  • The importance of learning the basics of SEO
  • Key points for SEO writing from Janine
  • Using a few websites to help build your trustworthiness and thought leadership
  • Talking about backlinks
  • Tips to keep moving as a writer
About Helen Ryan

Helen was a freelance health and fitness writer for many years. She was also a health/wellness columnist. 

For a billion years she’s been a creative director, and a fitness pro for almost as long—often at the same time. She lost over 80 pounds naturally 16 years ago and wrote the book, “21 Days to Change Your Body (and Your Life)” to help people lose weight while still eating cake.

She’s the creator of the coached walk/podcast “Walking & Talking with Helen.” She helps people move their bodies while firing up their motivation. Every step counts.

She also helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses using ethical marketing techniques and tech shortcuts so they can save time and focus on their passion.

Reignite Inc. – the nonprofit she founded – aims to help women gain skills to re-enter the workforce. Without modern skills, many women get left behind and cannot find jobs to provide for their families.

In her “off time” she teaches Spinning, photograph bands at concerts, volunteer, and travel.

Three Ways to Get Your Writing Noticed

1. Guest post in as many blogs as you can

Find a blog that has enough traffic to get your voice out there and get you noticed. Read the articles because you want to write in that same form based on its audience.


  • In guest blogging, you have to find the right blog site that accepts guest blogging and be persistent and not give up.
  • One of the best sites to do guest blogging so you can get your writing noticed is Medium because they have a large audience. You just have to grow your audience there consistently.
  • Guest posting gives you experience and helps you build your portfolio.

2. Start your own blog to find your voice.

  • It is important to learn search engine optimization because it helps you get your stuff out in front of people.
  • SEO – think about this: Google wants to know how you can help people. What are people searching for?

3. Create credibility for yourself like in the media.

  • Get articles written about what you do.

Resource tip: HARO you can help find out what people are looking for.

How does HARO works?

HARO is one platform that can help you get your writing noticed by your target audience. People can go and register for a newsletter about any topics (e.g. health-related issues). So, if you have a blog, then you can answer these queries. It helps you get quality backlinks to your blog which helps your blog rank on search engines. If you search for your name, your name will come up as a source of the article and that helps in establishing you as an authority in that field.

Her favorite book: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Listen to Helen’s podcast, Walking and Talking with Helen – a walking podcast to get people moving a few minutes a day. She also talks about healthy lifestyle, mental health, and building confidence.

Some of her favorite podcasts:

You may also join Helen’s Facebook Group, the Imperfectly Healthy is Your Superpower!

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