206: Tips for Standing Out as a New Freelance Writer with Katherine Boyarsky

Tips for Standing Out as a New Freelance Writer with katherine borasky


You’re a new freelancer – but how do you stand out when the gig economy is already full of freelance writers? My guest for today, Katherine Boyarsky, will share her expert tips!
This is what you will learn in this week’s episode:
  • Tips to standing out as a new freelance writer in this world of the gig economy where we feel like everybody is a freelance writer
  • Her journey when she started as a new freelance writer
  • How to present your work to a client when you’re a new freelance writer
  • How she built her business
  • Her suggested platform to use for networking and looking for clients
  • A few networking tips that you could follow whether you’re a new freelancer or a seasoned one
  • What to do when a client is looking for a writer with a specific niche specialty

About Katherine:

Katherine Borasky is the cofounder of CXD Studio, a creative content marketing agency based in Boston, MA, and a registered nurse since 2018. She has experience in the tech industry and in oncology nursing research and a background in content strategy and copywriting. Her agency does everything from content, strategy, copywriting, and design, and they were actually starting to add some kind of survey analytics services, too.
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