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3 Ways to Perfect Your Pitch to Editors

In this episode, we will tackle about three things that will really help you pitch to stand out in the sea of pitching to editors.

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In this episode, we will tackle three things that will help you pitch to stand out in the sea of pitching to editors.

Episode takeaways:

  • Why pitch?
  • What is a pitch?
  • 3 ways to pitch to editors

What is a pitch?

A pitch is basically an idea. It is an idea that you tell someone who has a decision-making effort to say “yes.” Those decision-makers are usually editors or marketing managers or someone like them in a company.

3 Ways to Pitch to Editors

Write a clear subject line.

Think about some ways to spruce up your subject line to get your potential client to open it.

Tip: There are some subject line generators out there that you can just Google search to gain more ideas.

Hook clients on the first line of your email.

Think about the reader, too. What would you like to read about?

Personalize it.

You can have a template. You do want to do some work on pitching. That shows that you’ve done your research about the company and that you care about what the readers want to read about.

Bonus tips

Keep your pitch short and concise and the body of your pitch should be about 2-3 sentences or bullet points.

Follow-up. The fortune is in the follow-up. If you follow up with your potential clients, you are likely to get a response.

email marketing concept, person sending pitch to editors using email on smartphone
When pitching, the fortune is in the follow-up.
janine kelbach
Janine Kelbach
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I found Janine when I started looking for a way to build some supplemental income from home. I’m still working full-time as an RN doing patient care but I have learned so much from Jeanine. If you are interested in learning more about writing engaging health content and turning it into a career, go no further!
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I have been listening to Janine's podcast for a little over a month, and I find both her and the podcast inspiring. The information she provides to new writers is informative and useful. I also enjoy the variation in lengths of the podcasts; it ranges from around 10 to 60 minutes depending on the episode. Janine is enthusiastic and wants to see others succeed, which is encouraging for a novice writer.
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Janine gives timely and actionable tips to start you on your path toward starting and growing your own health writing business, as well as interviews with successful writers in the field. I review podcasts as needed to refresh and review. Thanks, Janine, for sharing your knowledge.
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