EP228 | Fear or Future: AI’s Impact on Freelance Writing

228: Fear or Future: Could AI replace freelance writers?


You’ll only be replaced by some who know how to use the technology (AI) to their advantage, so start learning now.

Worried about the possible impact of AI on your writing career?
Welcome back to another episode of The Savvy Scribe podcast, your go-to source for all things related to freelance nurse writing. Today we’re diving into a question-and-answer session that’s sure to captivate your curiosity. In a world where AI is making waves, we’re here to address the burning question on everyone’s minds: Could AI replace us as freelance nurse writers, leaving us without work opportunities? Let’s jump right in to discuss the impact of AI on the healthcare writing industry!
Before I shared my key points on the impact of AI on healthcare writing, let me also share the thoughts and insights we got from our nurse writers:
Hailey: For low-level stuff like SEO blogs, probably. But in general not for a few more years. You’ll only be replaced by some who know how to use the technology to their advantage, so start learning now.
Chrystene: Oh, yeah definitely. It’ll happen eventually 🤷🏼‍♀️
Karen: I feel this is a point in time we need to adapt to new technologies. Find ways to utilize AI as a tool for writing. Get ahead of it and brainstorm ways to enhance the RN writers’ work with AI as the tool.
Samantha: For journal articles and such, don’t peer-reviewed journals want names and credentials attached?? AI can write textbooks and things but it will never have the credentials or empathy that you have!!
Kathy: I use it for prompts, SEO suggestions, and inspiration when I’m blocked. Works well but would never use it raw – not my style or standards but it gets me going.

The Impact of AI on Healthcare Writing

Key points in this episode:
  • Impact of AI on freelance nurse writers: In this episode, I address the prevalent concern of AI potentially replacing freelance nurse writers and leaving them jobless.
  • AI’s rapid writing abilities: AI has the astonishing ability to craft entire blog articles in less than 30 seconds, which is impressive but also raises concerns about its impact on the freelance writing industry.
  • Technology detecting AI-generated content
  • Limitations of AI
  • AI’s generality vs. human expertise
  • The impact of AI and the future of healthcare and freelance nurse writing
  • AI’s potential in content creation
  • Google’s preference for human content
  • The enduring importance of nurse writers in the healthcare industry
Remember that AI is still a tool, and it is up to humans to decide how to use it. The impact of AI can be beneficial in many ways such as in automating tasks and improving efficiency, and humans should also use it to augment their own skills and knowledge.
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