137: 5 Essential Content Writing Skills for Business Owners

Your unique voice is what makes your piece different from anyone else's. You have to make sure that your clients want you to speak not only in their voice, but with a touch of your voice.

In this podcast episode, we’re going to discover some essential content writing skills that will help you, not only grow your business, but learn how to write catchy headlines and captivating intros.

Content writing skills enable you to create clear, consistent, and relevant content that provides an engaging experience for your company’s target audience.

Content Writing Skills Every Business Owner Needs To Learn

Client’s Voice

Understanding your client’s voice can be tricky. You have to do some background research about your client before you can go and write a content piece for them. You should also have your own unique voice. Your unique voice is what makes your piece different from anyone else’s. You have to make sure that your client wants you to speak not only in their voice, but with a touch of your voice.


SEO is search engine optimization. It’s a unique service people offer that helps content websites rank higher in search engine results. You have to know just a little bit, even if it’s not a specialized service to create great content for your clients. 

Add a keyword list for a client. If you don’t know how to do keyword research, ask the client for this because this is an essential service that they would want from you, and you can figure this out.

Ask for a keyword list and include that keyword in your first 100 words of the content. You should also include it if it’s appropriate. 

In your subheading, you should never do keyword stuffing or stuff keywords to try to make your peace rank higher on Google. It just won’t work. Google is smarter than you think it knows when you’re trying to stuff keywords. It knows when it’s a robotic type of piece. We need to give our personal touch to our clients’ work.

Content writers must be able to stay current with trends and modify approaches as needed to guarantee that their articles rank well in search engines.


Know how to research. Find some reputable resources like government, institutional, or news outlets to provide relevant and truthful content to maintain your credibility as a writer.

If you don’t know how to do evidence-based research, you need to go back before you ever write anything for a client and learn how to do great research and then make sure that you’re not stealing research from your clients’ competitors.


Your first goal is to have them read the headline and get them hooked into reading the whole piece. Even if you catch them with your headline, make sure your subheadings are also catchy so that they can keep reading and digest the information.

The headline should be like an overall picture of what you wrote underneath the headline.


I’m saying that I believe that great writers are because of great editors. If you don’t have an editor, it’s time to get one. You might have been told that you’re a great writer but you also need an editor.

There’s nothing wrong with sending it to an editor and getting a few red lines to make your peace even better for your client. Your client deserves it. They hired you, and they are paying for great content.


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