EP229 | How to Use AI as a Writer With Krista Frahm

229: How to Use AI as a Writer with Krista Frahm


You don't have to compromise your professional or personal ethics to be a well-paid sales copywriter.

Krista Frahm, an expert in the field of copywriting, joined Janine in this new episode of the Savvy Scribe podcast to share some practical tips and strategies for using AI to enhance your writing.
In this interesting discussion, Krista will explore the ways in which AI can help writers to improve their craft, from generating ideas and inspiration to editing and proofreading so, don’t miss this episode if you want to keep up with this new innovation in the industry!

About the guest:

Krista is a direct-response copywriter and occupational therapist. She she stumbled upon copywriting as a non-clinical career option while volunteering for a non-profit. She misunderstood someone’s comment about “copy” and thought they were asking if she plagiarized her work.
That misunderstanding led her to copywrite, and she quickly dove in. She built her business while working PRN and homeschooling two adventurous boys.
Now, Krista’s copywriting business focuses solely on “healthcare change-makers” — the people who are providing innovative offers and solutions that *actually* improve healthcare. (Not the shallow solutions that we’ve all seen on TV)
She lives in rural Washington state and writes sales pages, email sequences, and launch copy from a little nook in her house that looks into the woods.
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Can You Use AI as a Freelance Nurse Writer?

Key points in this episode
  • AI is being used in various fields, including hospitals and writing businesses.
  • AI tools, like Chat GPT, can automate tasks and save time for writers by generating ideas, outlines, and social media posts.
  • Low-quality writers who produce generic content may lose their jobs to AI-generated content, but high-quality writers who provide valuable and unique perspectives are still in demand.
  • AI can help writers come up with objections and alternative examples for their writing, aiding in persuasive and informative content creation.
  • Automation is essential for freeing up time and reducing the mental load for writers, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks.
  • It is crucial to understand the limitations of AI, as it may not always provide accurate information or up-to-date content.
  • AI-generated content should not replace human creativity and expertise but can complement it by assisting in brainstorming and generating ideas.
  • Automation tools can be beneficial for improving efficiency in a nurse writer’s business.
  • The writer’s community is essential for support, sharing ideas, and discussing the impact of AI and automation in the writing field.
  • Writers can experiment and play with AI tools like Chat GPT to understand their capabilities and how they can enhance their writing processes.
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