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Welcome to another episode of our replay series. I know it’s hard to go back in the archives to find your favorite episodes or ones that might resonate with you. So I hand-picked some from August until now, so that maybe you can resonate with it and it’ll help you on your writing journey.

I am here with a guest today, Sharon and she is here to talk about her writing journey. She’s been writing since 2002 but 18 years ago now and has been published in 17 different nursing magazines. Giving back is very fulfilling for her. She felt like she had a tremendous career as a nurse and she wants to share that knowledge with nurses and the public through writing for businesses and just keep working at it.

She’s going to share some of her knowledge, some of her tips on starting and growing a writing business, and basically just kind of inspire you today.

Career Path

She graduated from college with an associate degree in nursing in 1973. A friend encouraged her to go back to school and get a bachelor’s degree. They did and graduated in 2000.

For 40 years, she had been working at the same hospital as an OR Nurse. She found her home and loved her job. But she knew that there will come a time when she will eventually have to take on a new path. Back when she was in school, she liked writing term papers. 

She realized she wanted to write and looked for someone to help her write something. Eventually, she found a local writers group (that she found clipped in the newspaper) where she learned a lot and made good friends. One couple took her in and became her mentor. 

Her first book was about osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. She talked about treatments and medications and alternative care. She also went through the total knees and total hips as the most common surgeries for their clients.

Advice for some people that are thinking like, “why” do I want to do this.

You have to like writing because if you don’t, it’s going to be boring. You have to have a passion for your topic. You need to think if this is something you really want to do and love. Talking about what’s close to your heart brings your enthusiasm, and your passion will come through in your writing, and it growing a writing business will be better because of it.

Give yourself permission to try things. And if you like it, keep going and learning and doing. If you find out, that’s not for you. Take a detour.

Advice for people that are starting out or currently in the stage of growing a writing business.

If you’re starting or growing a writing business, you have to find those writing clients and build your identity as a writer. For Sharon, LinkedIn is the most valuable professional social media. So if you don’t have a LinkedIn, she suggests you build one and keep it updated and friendly people.

Build your credentials – do you have that RN, a BSN that leaves you more credibility? Are you certified in a specialty? Those things cost money to do and continue with your credentials, but Sarah pointed out that she was seeing businesses who want her because she has credentials, a nurse that writes well. Some of her job’s first attraction to them was her credentials.

Don’t consider those not important, they are very important to the business world.

Sometimes you don’t get the opportunities of growing a writing business as fast as you want it; it’s a process. If you fail, look on how to improve it for the next time. Just keep working at it. And, you know, if you want to, you can do it. This is America where we have these opportunities, it’s perfect.

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