Episode 84: Overcoming Fear Factors in the Writing Business

Episode 84: Overcoming Fear Factors in the Writing Business

Are you scared to start your writing business? In today’s episode, I am talking about overcoming fear of starting your writing business.

“No matter how great you are, or the skills and experience you have, those aren’t the things that keep you from growing your business. It’s your self-doubt.”

Shana dewitt

Here are steps to overcoming fear factors:

  • Post on Facebook
  • I hear a lot from writers that they don’t trust themselves. I don’t know how to get over that except to do some self-confidence booster for yourself and getting in a tribe that can help you with overcoming fear.
  • In my own personal experience, one of the biggest confidence boosters that I’ve done is I posted on Facebook of what were the best qualities about me. I was told of really beautiful and kind words like I’m an incredible nurse, writer, a great mother, friend and etc.
  • Find a supportive tribe
  • In this world of negativity, it is so easy to say that you are not good enough, or you are not gonna make it. It is stopping you from starting.
  • The best thing you can do is surround yourself with the people that support you the most. I swear, they are huge factors when you succeed in overcoming fear.
  • They say that these preconceived ideas from the time we were seven years old are really what shapes our mentality for adulthood.
  • If someone told you at a young age that you are good enough or you were not smart enough, you have to think of those things. What might have happened in childhood that’s holding you back from starting your business?

Recently, I quit my educator job at the hospital and it was extremely hard for me to do because from my peers- the nurses, I was supported. But the support I was given from my bosses and the negativity I was exposed to. It was really horrible. I’ve never been happier since I quit. Then there are a few things afterward that solidify the negativity and make a clearer picture of why you quit.

Find More Accountability

After you find some support you get some accountability from other people to push yourself forward and get some self-confidence and you will soar.

It is important to make sure you’re clarifying your message out there. Ensure that you are telling people who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.

Steps in Starting Your Writing Business:

  • Come up with a very simple marketing strategy and play with that a little bit too.
  • Find something that you love to do. Decide what works for you. Anything will work if you work for it.
  • Mindset – You have to have somebody catch you when you start tearing yourself down and teaching you how to burn doubts around you.

If you keep denying yourself just because you’re not good enough, opportunities will never come to you.

At least get curious about starting your writing business, you don’t have to do it today, you don’t have to do it tomorrow but I don’t want you being paralyzed from the fear of not doing it.

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