Episode 39 - 18 Years as a Medical Writer with 17 Different Peer- reviewed Magazines and more with Sharon Hohler, BSN

Savvy Scribes! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to hear the interview with medical writer, Sharon Hohler, BSN. She has been a writer since 2002 and has written for several publications!

Some Topics from Medical Writer Sharon Hohler, BSN

1. How to handle an editors opinion
2. Where to find and connect with writers besides on the Savvy Scribe Collective
3. How to become identified on LinkedIn
4. How to become a medical writer
5. And even her favorite places to travel and advice on how to stay married ;-)Y

You can find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharonehohler/

As well as send her an email if you want sharonehohler@gmail.com 

You can buy her books on Amazon:

Arthritis: A Patient’s Guide (McFarland Health Topics)

Caregiver’s Guide: Care for Yourself While You Care for Your Loved Ones (McFarland Health Topics) by Sharon E. Hohler (2011-11-21)

Sharon Hohler, BSN, has quite a career path. She graduated from her Associate’s degree in nursing when she was 24, then got back to college for her Bachelor’s degree, and graduated in 2000. She knew there would be a point that she’ll change her career, and she realizes that she likes writing.

Once she knew writing is her passion, she searched for someone that could help her and found a local writers group who mentored her. While going to Missouri Writers Guild meetings, it just clicks with her that she wanted to do medical writing. And from there it was pretty straight forward.

At first, she wrote a few published articles with her organizations, and in another writer meeting, a friend/mentor told her to talk with an editor and make a pitch. She did that and got published with her first book!

She also underwent the impostor syndrome, but thanks to her husband and number 1 cheerleader, she did it! A couple of years later, she was inspired by how they have gone through caregiving and wrote another book. Books are very prestigious, they’re a lot of kudos, but not so much money. Most recently after she retired, she is writing for businesses.

Her advice for people who want to become a medical writer

You have to like writing and have a passion for your topic. You need to think if it’s something you really want to do and what do you love talking about, because then your enthusiasm and passion will come through. Also, give yourself permission to try new things, and if you like it. Keep learning.

Sharon Hohler
medical writer woman in front of a computer

How to Be a Better Medical Writer:

LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform you can get into and build your identity as a medical writer. Here you can look for people with a common interest and invest your time in developing your profile. Her experience taught her that many businesses look for writers with great credentials. So, it’s better to establish yourself first and build your credentials too.

And for a little fun fact about Sharon, she drives a red 2005 Corvette! She and her husband loves traveling to interesting and exciting places like Iceland!

Keep working at it, learn from your mistakes, and get yourself out there!

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