224: How to Identify High-Quality Leads

How to Identify High-Quality Leads


In today’s episode, we’re talking about how to identify high-quality freelance writing leads. Not just freelance writing clients, but high-quality leads — because there’s a huge difference and you need to be aware of it as a highly profitable freelance writer.

How to Find and Identify High-Quality Leads

  1. Job boards/sites
  2. Blogs and websites
  3. Connections on social media
  4. Businesses and organizations that might need help with content writing
  5. Local companies with websites that might need SEO-friendly content
  6. Online freelance communities
  7. Freelance writing gigs
  8. Networking events and conferences
To get more tips and learn more about these places where high-quality leads hang out, listen in to the complete episode of the Savvy Scribe Podcast!
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