215: 3 Strategies to Create a Fully-Booked Freelance Schedule with Lauren Ward

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Every pitch you put in is an investment in your future business, and even if it doesn't pay off right away, eventually, it's going to lead to a really nice, steady stream of work.

Welcome to another insightful episode of The Savvy Scribe podcast. Listen in and walk away with clear action items on building a diverse pipeline of client leads — including useful ways to leverage LinkedIn to get high-quality clients and create a fully-booked freelance schedule — with tips from our guest today, Lauren Ward.

About the Guest:

Lauren Ward is a six-figure freelance writer with almost a decade of experience in the field. Her focus is primarily on writing about personal finance, which, like healthcare, is a highly regulated niche. Her work has been featured on prominent media outlets such as Fox Business, Better Homes & Garden, and Bankrate.

Key Points That Will Help You Create a Fully-Booked Freelance Schedule:

  • Lauren shares three strategies to create a fully-booked freelance schedule.
  • How to find clients
  • How to know if a client needs recurring work
  • Pitching strategies that create a fully-booked freelance schedule
  • Benefits of using LinkedIn


Grab Lauren’s Freelance Writer Project and Income Tracker which you can use to track each month’s workload, earnings, deadlines, and completion status. She is also soon releasing an e-book called “The Fully-Booked Freelancer” so keep checking her on socials!
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