Finding Your Dream Client with
Mary Christian

Most of us know who our dream client is but how do you attract them to work with you? Will you wait for them to find you or are you going to do the first move to start building the relationship?

On today’s episode, we have Mary Christian the owner of Mary Christian and Co, a digital marketing agency specializing in launch assistance done for your services, marketing, and coaching. She has over six years of marketing experience and has worked behind the scenes to assist companies in developing effective marketing campaigns and launches. She is also a military spouse advocate. She helps them by employing them in her business because she certainly knows how it feels to be moving around and trying unusual jobs to get by.

Five Tips in Finding Your Dream Client

1. Take a look at who is benefitting the most from what you are offering or who is getting the most value out of it. 

Make sure to enjoy who you are working with. For Mary Christian, she identified who she wanted to work with by working with whom she disliked. Finding your dream client and making the relationship work is a test and a process. Overnight success doesn’t happen. 

2. Market Research

Use Facebook Groups to search for keywords that relate to your business. Look for problems that you might have a solution. 

3. Asking Questions

Narrow down what you need to serve. Ask about their occupation, what they value the most, age, address, interest, and etc. Identify the problem and provide a solution. Really understand where they are struggling and how you can help them with what you offer. 

4. Social Media

Utilize social media to better understand your dream client. Test different types of content on social media platforms to see what is serving your audience the best and who engages in the content that you have. 

Use hashtags to find someone who you want to work with (e.g. #Photographer #blogger).

5. Analytics (Google Analytics/ Social Media/ Website)

Analytics tells you where your audience is coming from and it tells you what your traffic looks like- are they female or male, location, and what platform they are finding you on. 

You have to understand your data or stats to really understand your audience and that allows you to stay on top of it. It is also important because it tells you where your audience is coming from because that’s the avenue you want to focus on. Focus on the platform where your dream client is hanging out.

tips for finding your dream client
"Make sure to enjoy who you are working with. Finding your dream client and making the relationship work is a test and a process. Overnight success doesn't happen."
mary christian
Mary Christian
Marketing + Launch Strategist

Helpful Tools in Your Business


Trello is a project management app that divides the tasks into boards. A Trello board is a collection of lists with cards attached, each with its own set of powerful features and automation.


Dubsado is a business management solution designed to cut out the busywork. It is perfect for invoicing,sending contracts, expenses, tracking your time, sending and receiving emails and workflow.


Users may use the Planoly app and web dashboard to visually track their posts and content before they go live on Instagram. Users can drag and drop their images and videos around to see how they will appear on their Instagram profile feed thanks to the clean interface.


Zapier automates the transfer of data between your web applications, allowing you to concentrate on your most crucial tasks.


ConvertKit simplifies email marketing by combining powerful automation with simple interface. It helps you find your audience and turn them into clients.

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