EP226 | Exploring Paid Linkedin Accounts: Is It Worth the Investment?

226: Exploring Paid Linkedin Accounts — Is It Worth the Investment?


Profitability and growth are paramount, so make conscious choices when investing in tools and resources.

In today’s episode, we delve into the world of paid LinkedIn accounts and explore whether upgrading to a premium plan is truly worth it.
We’re answering this question from one of our Savvy Nurse Writer members: “Has anyone upgraded to a paid LinkedIn account? If so, which plan? Is it worth it?”

Key points in this episode:

  • Using LinkedIn as a valuable platform for professional networking and business growth.
  • The value of low expenses: As a small business owner, I talk about the importance of maximizing the utility of every dollar spent. Low expenses are crucial for profitability, especially when trying to grow a business.
  • Free tools and trials: LinkedIn does offer free trials for premium accounts, allowing users to explore the benefits before making a decision.
  • Individual needs: Every business and individual may have unique needs and experiences. It’s encouraged to explore the paid plans if they align with your goals.
Is a Paid LinkedIn Account Right for You?
If you’re not sure if a paid LinkedIn account is right for you, check out our Find and Pitch Clients Workshop, which reveals effective techniques for finding clients on LinkedIn without relying on a paid platform.
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