148: LinkedIn Strategies for Healthcare Writers with Daniel Alfon

Before bridging the gap, you need to visualize your ideal clients. We want them to reach out to us easily when they understand that the services we provide could be relevant for them.

Joining us today is an expert on Linkedin, his name is Daniel Alfon and he is the author of How to Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success. He joined LinkedIn in the early 2000 and 2004 to be exact and publishes articles, and exclusive content about advancing LinkedIn strategies to clients and subscribers on his website.

He started as a marketing professional at one point he found at LinkedIn, helped me cut my cell cycle, and he tried to understand what’s under the hood and since then he started, helping his friends, and those friends became entrepreneurs themselves.

Who presents our ideal client? 

Registered nurses could think about their ideal client working in a healthcare or biotech firm. The title of that person could change, it could be in some companies, the marketing communication manager, the market manager could be a product manager would be in other companies, some different titles, but that person is the most important. One that we need to think about is how we can help or serve them and what terms they would use when they think about the services that registered nurses could provide such as writing and editing and providing the content. 

What action would we like that person to perform once they have looked at our profile?

The answer should be for them to reach out to schedule the call or zoom call to get some samples or to try and work on a simple gig that would make us understand if the writing you provide is relevant for them.

If you’re looking at your profile as an ideal client, who knows nothing about us, would you feel compelled to stop and say I need to speak with that person?

Your profile should speak for itself. It has to provide the answers to clients. You should make it as easy as possible for them to understand what services you offer. Because if it’s not interesting in the first two or three seconds, many clients will simply go away and do something else. You need to attract them.

Closing the Gap

Before bridging the gap, you need to visualize your ideal clients. We want them to reach out to us easily when they understand that the services we provide could be relevant for them.

The first suggestion about keywords –  write a list of 50 to 70 keywords, we think our prospects would use. So maybe they’ll use the term doctor or hospital or clinic, or medical, etc., really to build a long list of terms. Whatever we think could be terms relevant for us. The next step would be to try to make it short. The most important point to remember is that LinkedIn searches search across the whole profile, starting from the headline, back to the About section, Introduction, Experience section, the Education or Courses, and even Skills. Everything is indexed.

Additional LinkedIn Strategies to Consider

We need to understand not only the specific terms but also the way our clients think and once we have that list and we’ve made sure that some terms are already known all we have to do is look at the remaining terms and ask ourselves out if those terms are incorporated smartly somewhere in our profile at least once. Anywhere from the Skills to the Experience section.

Look at your profile and improve it like a website. Even if you don’t own a website, you can think about your LinkedIn profile as a website that should convert your ideal reader into wanting to learn more about you and reach out.

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