199: How to Market Your Writing Services on TikTok by Showcasing Your Personality with Aubree Malick

How to market your writing services on TikTok by showcasing your personality


Listen to this new episode of The Savvy Scribe Podcast and learn how easy and fun it can be to create short-form videos on Tiktok to sell your writing services.

About the Guest:

Aubree is a freelancer and host of the Freelancer to CEO podcast, who helps women experience the freedom and joy that comes from designing a freelancing business with the skills they already have. When she’s not supporting her clients and students, you can find her looking for her next DIY project, bringing her fave reality TV shows, or snuggling up on the couch with her boys.
Aubree has been a guest on several podcasts including The Passive Income Nurse because she knows the importance of showing up with real value

Key points we’ve discussed in this episode:

  • How setting a biz goal first & creating targeted content around it helps everything fall into place
  • How to batch creative videos by repurposing your popular blog, social, podcast content (don’t reinvent the wheel & dancing not required)
  • How to show up and have fun as YOU so your potential clients know what to expect and keep coming back for more (+ how consistent growth outweighs ‘overnight success)
  • How engaging and answering questions on TikTok helps curate new content (for TikTok, podcast, social)

Connect with Aubree:


Aubree’s Spotify playlist of guest interviews: https://spoti.fi/33dEe6F
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