211: 3 Quick Wins That Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Implement But Will Make a Giant Impact on Your Conversion Rate with Jenny Belanger

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When someone lands on your website, you have less than three seconds to make it clear who you are, what you do, who you help, and how to take the next step with you.

In this episode of The Savvy Scribe Podcast website designer and strategist Jenny Belanger shares three quick tips that can be implemented in less than five minutes to significantly impact conversion rate.
The Savvy Scribe podcast’s target audience is busy women who are focused on their areas of expertise and building their businesses. However, they often struggle with setting up their website online, getting it to work 24/7, bringing in leads, and making sales. This can cause confusion and frustration when it comes to figuring out what should appear on their website and where.

Things to Implement to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Jenny wants to show our listeners that there is an easy way to ensure that their websites are doing the heavy lifting and bringing in high-paying leads, even while they sleep. This will allow them to grow their business and achieve success.

About the Guest:

Jenny Belanger is the owner of JennyB Designs. She is a website designer and strategist who specializes in creating money-making websites and brands for female founders and CEOs who are ready to scale their businesses. She  While listening to The Savvy Scribe podcast, she found two episodes particularly compelling: “3 Things to Do Every Day to Explode Your Business With Martha Krejci,” and “Building a Freedom-Based Business With Jamie Kullman.” Jenny appreciates our podcast’s mission to share stories about life and entrepreneurship to help listeners succeed in both business and life.

Key points we’ve discussed in this episode:

  • Jenny’s top five tips for creating a money-making website that connects with visitors and books clients
  • Three quick wins that take less than five minutes to implement but will have a significant impact on conversion rate.
  • The NUMBER ONE mistake service providers make when designing a website.
  • The importance of being clear, not clever, and she identifies our website as an example of a great landing page
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