180: How Many Discovery Calls Do I Need?

The more you pitch, the more potential you will have.

We recently did an in-depth workshop about reaching out to potential clients on linked in and my students were asking how many discovery calls they  need in order to get a client.

Friends, it’s a numbers game. Curious to know more?

Keep listening and learn:

  • How you need to reach out to in order to get a client
  • What is cold pitching and can it help?
  • Platforms where you can pitch
  • Cold emailing
  • How to do pitching
  • Action items to help you get clients
  • My secret formula on how many pitches you need to do

Here’s the formula and a free download: Savvy Nurse Writer Sales Calculator – if you want this free download, send me a message on Instagram and just DM me the word FORMULA. Overtime, you can use this formula to figure out how many pitches you need to do.


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