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Nurse Resume Building

Get Hired Bundle

Weekend Resume Makeover

Nurse Resume Template Bundle

Horkey Handbook

Courses for VA, Podcasters, and General Freelance writing

Gina Horkey was on my podcast and I want to share her amazing courses with all of you! Check them out! You can choose from Social Media Management, Email Management, Pinterest Management, Project Management, and more!

Comprehensive Copywriting Course by Nicki Krawczyk

Want to break into copywriting?

Nicki from Filthyrichwriter.com has free training for you to see: Learn How to Land Freelance Copywriting Work.

Symptom Media

CE Courses for Mental Health Professionals

This company specializes in courses and video CEUs related to mental health disorders. I really enjoy this content, and I hope you do too.

The Freelance Den

Community for Freelancers

Join 1500+ writers and grow your writing income with my friend and podcast guest, Carol Tice.