196: Pitching is NOT Impossible – How to Get a Byline in a Publication You Love with Amber Petty

Pitching is NOT Impossible - How to Get a Byline in a Publication You Love


No publication is too fancy for you. Editors need your stories, so start pitching.

How do you get a byline and the interest of the editors in a publication you love? Let’s hear some tips from my guest, Amber Petty!
So many writers think that pitching name publications is something they can only do after years of experience. Not true! Lots of Amber’s students started with no samples and had exciting bylines in months. Since our nurse writers have expertise in medicine and health, their chances are even better! They have the expertise the editors are looking for and adding editorial work to client work will only elevate their status (and help them make money between contracts).

About the Guest:

Amber Petty is a writer/teacher in Los Angeles, who’s written for the New York Times, Parade, Greatist, Bustle, Thrillist, MTV, and some less fancy publications. In addition to writing, she helps creatives break into freelance writing and get bylines in fun places like Vox, Vulture, Polygon, Huffington Post, and lots more.

Key points we’ve discussed in this episode:

  • Amber shares how she got into freelance writing rather than her background in arts
  • Some of her favorite publications she has written for
  • Pitching and how to do it right
  • Great places to pitch
  • What is a byline
  • How to gain the interest of the editors and readers
  • How to overcome writer’s block when pitching
  • How many times should we be pitching
  • What’s the response time from the editors
  • How pitching works
  • How to get your first gig when you don’t have work samples

Connect with Amber:

Additional resources mentioned in the show:

  • Go to AmberPetty.com to download her free resource – a list of 250 publications that pay for your writing. It includes the masthead or submission info for places in a wide range of niches. 
  • ConvertKit
  • Ulysses – if you are doing different types of writing or you just want a space that’s not on Google Docs or just kind of a separate space for it, download it on your phone and on your computer, and it saves automatically. 
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