Episode 80: SEO Tips and Noteworthy Pitching Strategies with Ruddy Hernandez

Episode 80: SEO Tips and Noteworthy Pitching Strategies with Ruddy Hernandez

In today’s episode, we have Ruddy Hernandez a.k.a., Ruddy Cano, as our guest. He has dominated the first three pages of google and now, he is here to give us SEO tips and pitching strategies in your content writing and beyond. 

Ruddy was a decorated Afghanistan war veteran, executive producer, and author. His body of work includes political campaigns, published works, health insurance, and humanitarian aid. He has a passion for projects that bridge the gap between civilians and veterans to shine a brighter light on issues. 

Featuring Rudy’s background and some SEO tips and pitching strategies in your content writing and beyond!

  • The military audience and experience are what brought Ruddy Cano into writing. 
  • He wrote for We Are the Mighty which is going after veteran’s viewership and now he is doing high-profile interviews. 
  • He started with listicles and joke articles.
  • “I’m 5’2 and have had to fight for everything, everywhere, and fight twice as hard. Don’t you dare let me see you quit.” ~ Ruddy

Some Words of Wisdom From Ruddy

  • Most publishers don’t take a chance on you until you get published. Self-published helps a little bit but when somebody does take a chance on you then everybody wants you. 
  • He talked about the first year that when it comes to these publishers, that’s where you’re going to be developing your voice and the voice has to resonate with your audience. Until you become keener and pick up these little nuisances from your audience – what they like and what they don’t. 
  • You also develop a lot of trust with these publishers and especially your editors. Content managers, editors, come and go but if you develop a good relationship with them wherever they go, they may bring you on somewhere. 
  • When you are working with a publisher, they expect a 7-caliber material. 
  • Don’t be scared of failure, don’t be scared of articles that don’t do so well. So it’s important to keep his SEO tips if you want your content to be really seen.
  • When you start feeling burnout from just writing articles you can switch it to just a hobby or a different type of writing too. 
  • Always put the needs of your audience first because they are your biggest champions and cheerleaders. The best way to identify if you can understand the audience is to try to be the audience too. 

“We as human beings like to think we are special, we are not. We only become special when other people consider you that.”

~ Ruddy Cano
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Pitching Tips 

  • Before pitching you have to do some research, take that type of content that’s doing well and tweak it in a manner where you can repurpose a different idea from that article into something bigger. 

“The great thing about the audience is that it’s super truthful that sometimes it hurts. They’ll tell you what they love and what they hate”

~ Ruddy Cano

SEO Tips

  • A unique name helps in SEO
  • Get a domain name for familiarity 
  • CONTENT – It has to have links to reputable sites like .gov, .edu, and it has to have pictures and videos. Just one of the few SEO tips we should put in mind.
  • Make sure you link your name. 

Follow Ruddy on social media to know more about his works and passion. Also, you can Google him. He dominates the first three pages of Google so definitely he has those SEO tips and strategies that really work! 

Facebook: @RuddyWrites

LinkedIn: Ruddy Cano

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