193: How to Find Sources for Your Content Writing

Finding evidence-based research to use in our writing is essential for standing out in the health writing space. Knowing how to find sources to help patients distinguish real information pertinent to their diagnosis can be tricky, but I’m here to provide three ways to access and find sources for free! 

Tips inside this episode!

  • Check your hospital library – when I was writing papers for my BSN, I would often use the library and rarely saw anyone else inside. You may also be able to access library resources through the hospital intranet.
  • UpToDate is an expensive subscription, but if you’re a hospital employee, you can ask the librarian for a home access.
  • Websites such as WebMD, Healthline, and other credible sites ending in .gov or .org are great for sourcing.
  • BONUS tip: if you’re looking to interview someone as a source, check Facebook groups related to that area and you’re sure to find someone willing to be interviewed.


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