188: How to Manage Time When It’s Hard to Do

You can manage time even if it’s hard to do.

You can manage time even if it’s hard to do. Yes, you heard it right, it’s really hard to do, but you can! Let’s dive into this episode and grab some tips on how to manage time as a writer that you can implement this week.

Time… you don’t have enough of it and it goes too fast.

But in simple terms, we all have 24 hours in one day. We can all make those excuses and we can all give up.

I’d love to talk about time management and productivity. The best time management tips I will share with you come from our coworking events inside my Plan, Produce, Profit course. Inside that event, we hold each other accountable for completing tasks. Sometimes it’s pitching. Other times, it’s writing.

How to Manage Time Effectively

Whatever your goal is, we get it done on that day. But how can you implement that into your normal life? I’m going to give you ten tips not only to manage time but how I even manage my household to make the best of my working time.

  1. Plan your week ahead.
  2. Create repeatable tasks every week.
  3. Get one of those little closet organizers for your kids and or yourself.
  4. Get up early or stay up late.
  5. Pomodoro all day long.
  6. Start a morning routine.
  7. Do not plan 8 hours of deep work. 
  8. Go on walks often.
  9. Power nap.
  10. House ritual

I have more episodes that contain tips to help you manage time and become productive!


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