Planning your week will help you SO much with conquering more in your life and business. It also makes it easier for you to keep track of all the short term and long term goals you’ve set! This quick win episode is inspired by a question from our member of the Savvy Scribe Collective, asking how to plan your week to be productive. I hope you can learn from me and enjoy listening too!

How to Plan your Week to be Productive

I chose to spend all of my time working at home or having a good time with family and friends, not shopping at the grocery stores. Yes, I used to love doing this, but now I don’t. And if I need to do grocery shopping, I use online shopping stores instead. I’m grateful for the technology nowadays that it made this mundane task cheaper and easier! Plus, it only takes me five minutes to order stuff, which made me so happy because I have saved my time. And there’s more, they ship orders straight to our doorsteps too! All I do is put them away!

In this podcast, we will answer a question from a Savvy Scribe Collective member. I suggest you guys send me a question you have in mind or post them over to our Facebook page The Savvy Scribe Collective any time you want. I will answer your question in the form of a podcast, just like what I am doing today. You can also send your questions to me via email on the official mail of Savvy Scribe.

Now coming towards the question this week. I’ve been asked by a member, “When should I plan my week?” Well, most people think Monday, right? But I think it’s a misjudgment to plan your week on a Monday because that’s when you start your entire week. So, I usually plan the next week on a Friday night or Sunday night. I like to end my work week with a winding down while finishing up things and getting ready for my next work week.

After I complete my weekly tasks and plan out what to do in the next week. I can look out the outline of things, asking myself “What did I not get done?” “What has to be done next week?” Then, I plan it out using google digital calendar for my To-Do list because I scheduled my plan on google calendar.

I also feel very accomplished by doing it on a Friday! It gives me the confidence that I’m ready to go, ready to do my next week. Meeting schedules and everything related to my daily work is scheduled on google calendar.

After jotting it down, I categorize the whole plan into four categories: business, personal, my research job, and the hospital, which includes my educator role. I always have things I need to do with all those categories. The way how I put it down is which is to decide which is going to be executed at first.

So, if I know I have to get things done on a Monday and Tuesday for personal or the WriteRn site, I’m going to put those first few things on the list. Maybe I have a client call on Wednesday, I’ll make sure to schedule it after all that stuff. And then, when it comes down to my kids’ things, I always make sure to add them too or a date night with my husband. Does that mean I live by this all the time? Of course not! There are things in my life that are not on the list.

For example, taking a hike with my kids, but what it does is show me blocks of time where we can do certain things. Like, I can check at my local park to see if they have anything going on a Saturday afternoon. Or, there are things like a birthday party that we have to go to and need to buy a gift. I would know where that block of time we can do all that.

Today I’m doing a Podcast batching so I’m getting a lot of my episodes done. And this morning I have a meeting with a client but then my husband asked me to run to the store to get some stuff for our Thanksgiving and get to the bank! I batch the most similar things together, check it off the list to complete my plan. Am I doing my To-Do list today? Well, nobody is perfect! Things always come up. But that’s the reason why we have the list to know WHEN we can do things we need to prioritize.

And that’s the reason I make my plan on Friday or Sunday night. How about you? Do you have additional tips on how to plan your week?

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