209: How to Build a Business That Works Into Your Life, Rather Than Working Your Life Into Your Business with Brooke Hamilton

Tune in to The Savvy Scribe podcast to hear Brooke Hamilton's invaluable advice on how to build a business that truly enhances your life, and gain the tools and strategies needed to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance as an entrepreneur.
How to build a business that works into your life, rather than working your life into your business with brooke hamilton


As nurses, it’s no secret that we have a work/life balance problem. We’ve been told our entire lives that it’s essential to have a balance between our professional and personal lives, yet too often we neglect our personal lives in favor of our careers. The result is stress, overwork, burnout, and compromising our health and well-being.
Working on a business that fits into your life rather than working your life around your business is the key to success. Join me and my guest, Brooke Hamilton, in a relevant discussion on this episode of The Savvy Scribe Podcast to help you create a business model that works for you
Insights in this episode:
→ How Brooke ventured into building her own business and entered the digital marketing world
→ Her 5 tips on how to build a business that works into our lives
→ Why it is important to fit your business into your lifestyle
→ The benefits and importance of setting a goal
→ She shared some of the tools she is using to have a solid workflow strategy
→ Why do you need to invest in yourself and the benefits it can give you
About the Guest
Brooke Hamilton is a medical speech-language pathologist turned digital media manager, blogger, and real estate investor. Passionate still about speech therapy, she is contingent in the hospital and sees pediatric speech therapy clients privately. She is working on creating her first social media course and also has plans for speech therapy courses and digital products as well. She is a girl mom to 2 under 2 and happily married to a kiwi (New Zealander!)
How do you build a business that works into your life?
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