208: Do You Need a Website to Get Found Online?

Do you need one to "get found online" is a question I was asked recently, and today, I will answer whether it's the most important thing you should have as you start your business.
Do you need a website to get found online?


Oh, the website debate. You know you want to get found online, but do you know how? Would having a website improve your chances of being found by potential clients? Listen in to find out!

Key points we’ve discussed in this episode:

  • The first things you should establish when you start your business
  • Things you need to get found online
  • Does every business need a website to get found online?
I will tell you, one of the things that hold most of the students back in the Plan Produce Profit course is starting their website.
We didn’t learn this stuff in nursing school. It’s like a different language working with code. And, it can take a long time.
However, I don’t discourage it. I think every business needs a website, especially now.
But not RIGHT now.
What’s more important?
A LinkedIn profile, samples, and a niche.
The rest can come later.
You likely won’t be found as a writer online. Being found on Google is very tough for a solo provider of services. Companies spend a lot on advertisements for their businesses to be found. It’s not realistic or recommended for a freelance writer.
Our websites should showcase you. All about you, what services you provide, your portfolio, etc.
But do not get stuck starting your business because you don’t have a website.
That can come in time. I know a lot of writers that started without a website, but guess what? Hey, have one now.
How do you get found online when you’re a beginner?

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