189: Why Every Business Needs a Website with Thomas Uzuegbunem

Today, we’re talking about why every business needs a website. My guest, Thomas Uzuegbunem, joins us today in this exciting episode of The Savvy Scribe podcast!

Key points we’ve discussed:

  • Why every business needs a website?
  • What kind of businesses need websites?
  • Some website-building platforms to try out
  • How to have a website
  • The best platform to use if you’re looking to implement SEO strategy in your website
  • Comparing website-building tools
  • He suggests a better website tool for content management
  • Basic yet essential things that must be added to the website
  • Website design tips: fonts and colors
  • Where to buy a domain
  • What domain variation to choose
  • What makes a website easy to navigate

About the guest:

Thomas Uzuegbunem is a registered nurse in Oklahoma and currently works in GI. His expertise is in ICU mental health ranging from inpatient to outpatient, all sorts, from pediatrics all the way to like geriatrics. He is the owner of NurseMoneyTalk and also hosts the NurseMoneyTalk, a podcast that talks about a nurse’s career, struggles and life. and the Nursing Student podcasts. He has another podcast which is The Nursing Student podcast which talks about all things nursing school and what it takes to become a nurse. Thomas aims to help nursing students become nurses and excel in their career and their nursing life. He thought of doing something different in the middle of his nursing career which eventually led him to the trail of building websites.
Follow Thomas on LinkedIn! Check him out and subscribe to his YouTube Channel, the NurseMoneyTalk, a channel geared towards nurses’ and nursing students’ struggles and challenges where he also shares his insights to help overcome them.


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