194: 5 Ways to Prevent and Combat Freelance Burnout


Allow your intuition to see what you want in life. Just play out in your business. Don't let it rule your life. Your business is there to support your life and not to take it over.

Freelancing can bring a lot of advantages but can it can be challenging, too. Listen in as my guest, Laura Briggs shares her tips on how to prevent freelance burnout so you can enjoy your work!

About the guest:

Laura Briggs is a three-time TEDx speaker, freelance writer, and the author of five books, including the Six-Figure Freelancer. She used to be a 7th-grade teacher, and she was in a Ph.D. program at night. She suddenly realized that she didn’t see herself doing that same thing for 30 years in a classroom and just collect that retirement. She literally Googled how to become a freelance writer and gained several longest clients. Freelancing is something that she always seems to come back to, and she fell in love with it.

Key points we’ve discussed in this episode:

  • How Laura started her freelance career
  • How she fought freelance burnout over many years of freelancing
  • Her tips to prevent freelance burnout
  • Things she hates to deal with as a freelancer
  • Reasons why we experience freelance burnout

Connect With Laura:

Resources mentioned in the show:

Operation Freelance – a program that educates and trains military spouses and military veterans with the tools, skills, and strategies as they start their freelance careers.

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