50: Time Management Tips for Writers with Laura Briggs — The Freelance Writing Coach, Speaker, Author, and Content Writer

Before you pitch, make sure to research that business. A little bit of personalization goes a long way.

Laura Briggs is the host of the podcast Advanced Freelancing. Don’t miss the time management tips that she is going to share with us!

With a focus on crushing the online business scene, Laura and her guests discuss very practical tips and strategies for everything from creative entrepreneurship and location independence to digital marketing and building sustainable biz systems.

She also has a book Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business, the complete guide to starting and scaling from scratch.

Laura is a freelance writer who launched her business in 2012 and scaled in 18 months to six figures. She is someone I deeply admire in this industry and follow religiously.

Time Management Tips for Writers

How she’s taken her business from the ground up and her journey to becoming who she is now

  • She shared what was her career before becoming an established freelance writing coach, speaker, author, and content writer.
  • The nature of the job her husband has contributed to her reason for stumbling into becoming a freelance writer.
  • She started looking for clients without any idea what she was doing. But the first thing that she has done is magazine writing, and soon she landed on SEO writing because it has the shortest line curve and the easiest ability to sell as a service.


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The Importance of Niche Writing

It helps you scale, and you become an expert in one or two things. When you become an expert, it is easier to pitch a client.

The Significance of Outsourcing

We talked about outsourcing and how it can make your life easier, not just in your business but in life as well.

We also tackled the importance of virtual assistants when you start growing your business. Laura said she likes to find VAs through referrals.

Advice on Freelance Business

Recognize that you can’t do it all yourself and you shouldn’t do it all yourself but knowing how to outsource and how to do that. You should be strategic about what you pull off your plate.

You don’t need a website

You don’t need a website to really start out, but you should have a presence. Build your Linkedin profile instead to show who you are and what you do. Start building client testimonials.

Don’t invest in stuff you don’t need until you have the revenue.

Things a VA Could Do for You to Amp Up Your Time Management Goals
  • Social Media Management
  • Editing
  • Blog Management
  • Researching
  • Online Content or Blog Posts

Note: As a content writer meeting the deadlines and being a professional whose work is original will be an advantage.

One of the big takeaways is specific time management hacks for writers to write faster.

  • Stop trying to do every project from beginning to end altogether.
  • Save your writing and wrists and fingers for only writing to clients. Leverage your voice whenever you can. 
  • Work using the Pomodoro Technique

Enjoy the show, try to apply these time management tips from the pro herself, and if you like what you are hearing, let’s continue the conversation in our FB group: The Savvy Scribe Collective.


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