183: Research and the Right Way to Do It with Katie Momo

It's totally about finding your own secret sauce. It's knowing how to get the best out of yourself, even if it's too completely different from what society says.

Today, we’re talking about research! Our guest, Katie, joins us today to discuss how research can help speed up your writing and the right way to do it.

About Katie Momo

Katie Momo is a copywriter for online courses and programs. She also coaches other freelancers on how to create sustainable and profitable service businesses. She is known for sales pages and emails. Katie has also worked with multimillion-dollar businesses doing copy and a billion-dollar organization doing social.
Don’t miss this episode to learn more about:
  • How she started doing social media for businesses and how her strategy worked for winning clients
  • Her career and wearing many hats
  • Researching and the right way to do it
  • Why we need our clients to give us the research they need for us to develop the best type of content for them
  • How research speeds up your writing and makes clients happy
  • Importance of research in writing
Resources mentioned in the show:
Also, connect with Katie on Instagram and LinkedIn, where she speaks about copy, content creation, and building a service-based business. If you want to learn more about these to add them to your writing skills, check her out on her website, too!


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