163: Pricing Strategies and Tips with Francielle Silva

If you want to have consistent clients, you need to be consistent with your business and provide consistent value.

A lot of content writers struggle when it comes to pricing. They are great at what they do but they have the employee mindset. The problem is they don’t go out there and get help in improving their sales and marketing skills because these are different skills that they need to acquire. They have the skill to do the job but they don’t have the skill to sell the service. So, we got Francielle joining us today to give her expert pricing strategies and selling your service.

About Francielle

Today’s guest is Francielle Silva. She was born and raised in Brazil but moved to Canada 8 years ago and worked as a caregiver. She has a lot of experience and built a community on Facebook called the Newbies Copywriters & Content Writers.

She started out as a copywriter last year and she is transitioning into a business coach because she loves helping people and she got some who are requesting her service. She used some strategies that work. Now, she is leveling up by focusing as a business and visibility coach to help her clients stay visible on social media.

Key points we’ve discussed:
  • Pricing strategies without sounding salesy
  • Francielle provides a downloadable pricing guide for our Savvy Nurse Writer members
  • Get the pricing you deserve without chasing away clients
  • Tips for getting testimonials from your clients
  • To charge per hour or not

Pricing Strategies and Tips for Selling Your Services

Francielle shared some of the pricing strategies that she used for her business that actually work.

When you charge very low, you are also attracting low-paying clients that will not trust you. High-paying clients pay for their time and they want RESULTS.

It’s important to ask your clients before you charge: what do they want to get from your service?

Don’t charge per hour.

Don’t try to persuade your clients to start off with a service that they don’t have. Just start off with what they want and deliver value.

Don’t just work with start-up companies because they might not sustain the budget to keep working with you all the time. So, it is important to expand your service to established businesses as you grow.

If you keep getting money objections, it’s a red flag for you.

You don’t have to have 10 years of experience to charge a higher rate.

If you want to have consistent clients, you need to be consistent with your business and you need to provide consistent value.

Keep listening to this episode for more pricing strategies you may have not heard yet!

Tips for Getting Testimonials From Your Clients

Send your client a request for a testimonial by answering these 3 essential questions:

  1. How are you feeling, what are you struggling with before we start working together?
  2. How was working with me?
  3. What did you get after working with me? Or what problem did I help you to solve?


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