54: The Purge, Purpose and Polish Method to Office Organization

Decluttering your things gives you a fresh and new feeling. Being organized is being in control.

Today’s episode is all about clearing the clutter with office organization! Especially during a pandemic, it’s important to keep your space neat and tidy to keep it inviting.

I am all alone in this episode – which is always a good thing when it comes to talking about my mess. 😉

Let’s Start Office Organization

In this episode, I go into my system or office organization that I use in my office and on my desktop.

I coined the Purge, Purpose, and Polish method to Organize Your Office.

Things you’ll need

  • Garbage can
  • File folder
  • Label maker
  • File holder

That’s IT!

The Purge

To start your office organization project, pull the garbage cans out and set them up. Take the entire stock of papers in your office you have. File it according to categories, and divide it into a keep and recycling group. Go ALL through the papers. It might take you five minutes or thirty minutes or longer, depending on how much paper you have in your office. Don’t feel like you have to keep everything. Remember that we are trying to declutter your office. We don’t want to accumulate unnecessary files anymore. 

You have to keep contracts, but the old research from a writing assignment probably is not. So make sure to put it away. 

Go through all of your cabinets. Open up your doors and take everything out of there and the same thing – toss and keep. Just get rid of it!

And that’s it, the purge is done. You finally got rid of unnecessary things.


white ceramic mug on white paper

The Purpose

Next is to have a purpose for everything. 

You’re gonna start filing papers and putting everything back in place, so that’s when your label maker (you can also label things by yourself, just get things organized) is going to come in handy. 

Get something to put your files. It could be a file box, a binder, a file organizer, or anything that will make your desk look organized. 

When you go back to those paper files, start making some folders for what they can accomplish so that it will be easier for you to find your files and keep the clutter out of your office.

The Polish

  • It’s time to clean off your desk. 
  • Invest in a desk organizer but don’t go overboard. You can make use of a plant as a decoration.
  • Make your desk sanitary  
  • If you don’t have a big desk, don’t put more stuff on top of it. You can use your shelves beside you.

Take your organization to your desktop computer as well because this is another area that a lot of us don’t go into. 

Go through all your file folders and check them because I know there are a lot of files you’ve downloaded that you don’t need anymore. Declutter your desk and desktop computer as well. 

Decluttering your things gives you a fresh and new feeling. Being organized is being in control. It’s always nice to work in a clean, cluttered free environment. 

That’s IT! I hope that it helps you guys, and if you have any tips for office organization, let me know in our Facebook Group, the Savvy Scribe Collective, or support us: https://savvynursewriter.com/.


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