I get it.

You want a side job as a nurse that isn't taking 12 hours of your day.

I teach nurses how to create their own profitable online freelance writing business, on the side, to help escape bedside burnout and make extra money.

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How to Start and Grow Your Freelance Nurse Writing Business

Savvy Nurse Writer: A Nurse's Blueprint for Starting A Profitable Freelance Health Writing Business

Elevate your nursing career from the bedside to the realm of words with "Savvy Nurse Writer: A Nurse's Blueprint for Launching A Profitable Freelance Health Writing Business."

In this transformative guide, Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB, an experienced nurse and accomplished writer, shares her insights from her journey and her podcast, The Savvy Scribe Podcast, to illuminate the path toward establishing a successful freelance health writing business.

Go from Nurse to Nurse Writer in the next 7 days!

The 7 Day Nurse to Writer Challenge is an action-packed course to help you go from nurse to nurse writer in one week!

Answer this - I want to...


Start writing and use my creativity but I don't know where to start.


Have an extra income to add to my student loan debt or create a side gig.


Help educate my patients...with my words.

The Podcast

The Savvy Scribe is a podcast for savvy nurse writers and creatives who want to grow a profitable business.

Podcast episodes feature interviews with experts, inspiration & laughter!

Your host, Janine Kelbach, RN knows that you want to master your craft AND do more good while making money.

That’s a vision I am behind 100% and want to help you create.