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Are you a nurse interested in becoming one of the most sought-after health writers?

Are you stuck in your job, physically tired and burnt out more than ever (thanks, COVID-19)?

Do you want to help educate your patients…with your words?

Do you want to earn extra income to add to your student loan debt or create a side gig?

Have you thought about writing and being creative, but don’t know where to start?

The Savvy Scribes is the ultimate hub for nurses and healthcare professionals who want to become profitable health writers.

Join my course, The Plan, Produce, Profit Course is a five-part strategic on-demand workshop to help you land your first paid gig in less than 90 days (or sooner if you are motivated)!

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If you want to start your health writing career but are having a hard time finding clients, what tools to use and so on, our The Plan, Produce, Profit Course will help you go in the right direction.⠀

Ignite your passion and uncover your creative potential with us! Become one of our seasoned health writers who thrive and grow their writing business!

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What’s inside this three-part course?

We don’t only share our knowledge or hone your skills. We aim for great results! Walk away with everything that you need to build a profitable writing career and become one of the highest-paid health writers!


Are you PLANNING to start your writing career or your health writing business? Let’s help you do great business and expand your skill set so you are ready to develop your creative thinking!


Health writers can start their writing business from anywhere on the planet. Learn useful tools to successfully PRODUCE your business in this part of the course! Discover effective ways on how to research your ideal clients, pitch, handle overwhelm in your business, and many valuable ideas that you can use as you thrive. So, wait no more and create your very own writing business!


You are probably wondering how to get your desired results to gain PROFIT for your business: more clients, more projects. Learn how to set your rates, create contracts, do bookkeeping and so much more!

Want to see what health writers and graduates of the course say?

Need some tools to bolster your health writing journey? We’ve got your needs covered, too!

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