109: Mindset Shift To Grow Your Business with Confidence with Lucy Price

Find things that you have a feeling reaction to. When you attach the thoughts to feelings, bigger shifts start to happen.

In today’s episode, we have Lucy Price of Shift Your Story as our guest, a mindset coach supporting women to feel more confident so that they feel more empowered in their business, relationship, and life.

Today, we are talking about a mindset shift that will help you feel more confident in your business.

Her Career Path

Lucy’s personal growth path began when she was a child. She has been obsessed with self-improvement since she was in middle school. She went to Oakland University for her Acting BFA. During those four years, she learned how to communicate with people with her voice, her body, and energy. After graduating, she got an office job, but a little later, she realized it wasn’t right for her. However, she took it because she thought that was what she was supposed to do.

Until one day, she couldn’t do it anymore. She had enough, so she quit. She checked in with herself to see what she truly desired and ended up getting her yoga certificate. During that time, she learned so many incredible tools for a mindset shift and subtle emotional body. That certification launched her into wellness, and went on to work as a fitness teacher, assisting individuals in changing their lives through exercise. That led her to health and wellness coaching, where she assisted clients in adopting lifestyle adjustments to improve their health. She evolved to mindset and emotional intelligence coaching, where she helped clients take action on mindset shift, limiting beliefs and emotions so they could live a more satisfying and meaningful life.

Mindset Shift to Grow Your Business With Confidence With Lucy Price

3 Steps to Effective Mindset Shift


Be aware of your thoughts. One technique to be mindful of your thoughts is brain dumping. It is getting everything that is going on in your head and writing it to paper.

Self-awareness is important because it allows us to see ourselves as unique and different persons when we have a deeper grasp of ourselves. We are thus empowered to make adjustments and capitalize on our strengths while also identifying areas where we may grow.


Noticing where your thoughts are going to get you. All thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that have gotten you here and deciding if those same things are going to get you where you want to be. But most of the time, they are not because if you want to go somewhere, you’ve never gone before, you are going to think and do things that you’ve never done before.

Walk the path of new thoughts, new beliefs, and new ways of thinking.

Alternative Action

Flipping your belief. Figure out a belief or ways that are not serving you and actions you can take to start backing that up.

A-P-A, the victory steps to starting your mindset shift.


Gratitude List

Find things that you have a feeling reaction to. When you attach the thoughts to feelings, bigger shifts start to happen.

Better Thinking Feeling Thoughts

Build better thoughts.

If you happen to get cut by a car, think that maybe he was rushing to the hospital instead of being angry and focusing on the thought that he did you wrong.

Seven Layers of Why

Know your deeper whys.

Emotional Intelligence

Ability to manage and regulate your emotions and recognize other people’s emotions.

Book Recommendations
  1. Book Yourself Solid
  2. Diary of Indianen

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