178: How to Introduce Email Marketing Service to Your Clients (Email Marketing Part 3) with Rob and Kennedy

Become a sort of presence on the internet. Grow an audience that can, with small amounts of work, grow to be hundreds or thousands of people, and you continue to turn up to them until they come to you.

If we have some freelance writing clients, we often introduce our brand to our clients by telling them  who we serve and who our audiences are. But how can we start to introduce email marketing if we’d like to add this service to our business if we’re just writing blog posts right now? Rob and Kennedy are still joining me to continue the conversation about email marketing!

If you missed parts 1 and 2 of our discussion about email marketing, you can check them out here:

Key points we’ve discussed in this episode:

  • Our guests continued on giving us tips on how to avoid our emails from going to spam
  • How to properly use images on your emails
  • Directing people to your sales page
  • How to get your emails opened
  • How do you get more clicks on your emails

About Our Guests

Both actually have a weird background. Robin is a hypnotist, while Kennedy is a mind reader. They basically use skills of psychology, body language, reading people, understanding people, statistics, and human behavior to pluck a thought from somebody’s mind and read what they’re thinking. They have been doing this job for nearly 20 years. They set up this what they call “accidental business” but then they both realized they didn’t want to spend loads of time, like chatting to people.

And so, a really good, efficient way to sell their services, get gigs and repeat gigs, and get referred to other people’s gigs was by email marketing. They decided that they want to build a list of clients and send them emails and keep in touch that way at scale. They then apply the psychology of a hypothesis and a mind reading to their email marketing service.

How to Introduce Email Marketing Service to Your Clients If You are Writing Blogs

1. Start doing this for your own business

  • Come out and prospect
  • Become a sort of presence on the internet

2. Build your own list

3. When you’re already pitching to do your blog writing services, show a little bit of marketing knowledge

Mentioned in this show:

  • Click Tricks – their free little booklet that teaches twelve different ways of dressing up your links so you can get more clicks from the very next email you send.
  • Email Marketing Show – my guests’ podcast show talking about email marketing and it’s available on any podcast apps.
  • Email Marketing Show Community – join over 3000 people on their Facebook Group talking about email marketing on a daily basis.


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