105: Identifying Your ideal Client with Kelly Whitman

Just because you are defining and clarifying who you want to work with does not mean you can't work with anyone else outside of that definition.

My guest for this episode is Kelly Wittman who will share some tips on how to identify your ideal client. She is the owner of Witt and Company, a brand strategy and design studio that helps small business owners showcase their expertise through consistent and cohesive branding.

Career Path

She grew up not knowing digital marketing was a thing. Back in 2016, she and her husband purchased their own house and she discovered home renovation blogs through this the world of digital entrepreneurship opened up to her.

Her background was in marketing and advertising. They started a home renovation blog, made connections and started utilising that by offering marketing services to other bloggers. She became fascinated with branding after being asked by a friend who was beginning his own company to do the branding and advertising for it, and from then she decided to learn as much as she could about the process. Shortly thereafter, Witt and Company was born.

Defining Your Ideal Client

Just because you are defining and clarifying who you want to work with does not mean you can’t work with anyone else outside of that definition and that’s when we can clarify your ideal client.

Essential Questions to Ask the Clients/Ourselves

Kelly encourages asking questions to who you are envisioning or ideal client. Call them if you can and ask them. If not, the point and the goal is to create a borderline because with your business and including your brand, it’s evolving and changing. It is based on action. When you take action, you learn, and you can tweak and evolve based on what you learn.

identifying your ideal client

Question no. 1- What are they struggling with internally?

She said that most of the time, when we think of ideal clients we focus about their demographics but it’s not necessarily relevant. She loves getting clear and clarifying from a branding perspective that for the ideal client it is more of emotional and psychological characteristics because that’s what connects with your brand.

Analyze and contemplate the internal tape that’s playing in their mind that’s keeping them up at night as it relates to what you are offering.

Question no. 2- What’s happening around them?

She shared that the external pinpoints are what is happening outside and around them and so it relates to your service or what you are offering in helping them with.

Question no. 3 – What does success look like for them?

When they close their eyes, how do they envision success, and being able to articulate that will help you understand. As it relates to external and internal pinpoints; as it relates to what you’re specifically offering.

You are able to point a really clear and strong picture of that ideal client and what they are looking for and get clarity from that emotional space.

Favorite Tools for Business

Kelly shares her top two favorite tools in her business and if you want to be more productive, here are some marketing tasks you can do for an extraordinary week!


Dubsado has the company moving forward. To streamline the tasks from start to finish, build partnerships, plan meetings, and develop workflows. It is an all-in-one business management platform that lets you deliver contracts and invoices, manage projects, generate questionnaires and other formats, monitor time, submit and receive emails, and so much more… all from one app. What’s more, guess what? It just costs $35 a month. That’s an incredible deal for a method that accomplishes so much and saves so much time.

She uses it for lead captures and sending out contracts and proposals.


ClickUp is a project management app designed to make the job simpler. Since they were dissatisfied with the resources available at the time, the designers wanted to create their own. The end result is a simple, user-friendly solution that can be used by any business.

You have to start somewhere in order to know which way to go and what the next best move is in the course of developing and evolving and finding out what it all entails.


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