Episode 2 – Marketing Tasks to Do for an Extraordinary Week

Marketing Tasks to Do for an Extraordinary Week

Quick Win- Four Marketing Tasks to Do

Whether you’re just starting out in your freelance business or you have been around for a while. Carol is bringing you guys four marketing tasks that you can tackle this week.

She’ll give you a cool tool called Hunter.io. Learn how this online software-as-a-service or Saas can help you find the contact information of your leads. She will reveal its awesome features and share insights about how it works significantly to speed up the outreach process.

On the plus side, a quick win, like this, is a short action-packed episode that Janine and Carol highlight for you to work on in your healthcare business right now. In this podcast, I’m going to share with you four marketing tasks you can do this week to make the next 90 days your best. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

The tips are:

  • Create a list of potential new clients. Because you don’t know what your ideal client is or whom you are serving? This step is very important and here’s how you do it.  So take some help from your family members or from referrals that can refer to you the ideal client whom you can serve.
  • Look at the emails of every potential client. Checking of email is a very complex task, so you can use email generating software that will help you to find the correct potential client.
  • LOI. Your letter of introduction should be unique and customized so that clients can easily know about your expertise. For this purpose, you can use an LOI theme and then tweak your LOI to be personal, unique, and attractive that will represent your expertise. LOI should include the details of your projects that you have completed earlier to show the client about your experience. Update your LinkedIn profile because 80%-90% of freelancers get leads through their LinkedIn profile. Your ideal client can easily get you through your LinkedIn profile.

All you need to do, just take an action according to these steps and share with us the tips. We will share them in our next episode.

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