154: How to Articulate Your Greatness and Increase Sales with Kelly Harris

Just because you are scared, you do it anyway. Do it because you know it’s the next right step.

Today, I have Kelly Harris, owner of Virtual Solutions, LLC. She is a copywriter, a content strategist who helps coaches create consistency and visibility. Connect with Kelly and she will articulate your greatness, increase sales, and get your message to the world.

The Giant Game of Clue

The background behind the blue card with a library at the top – in 2013, she directed at the community theater clue the musical. They made the giant blue card and the kids play with the audience. At the beginning of each show, the audience got to pick who did, what room, and what weapon and they knew but none of the participants knew. So they had clue as a character because they created it. They gave out game cards and gold pencils to the audience then they’ve got to play and figure out who did it, in what room, and what weapon.

How She Started Her Business

Kelly was a kindergarten teacher for 8 years. She loves teaching. She has always known since she went into teaching that she wanted to do it for 10 years. That period is a decent amount to do it and do her part in society. She never saw herself retiring because she knew early in her first years of teaching, she have met older teachers and all of them have medical problems.

Around year 5 of teaching, she told her husband that they need to plan and figure out what the next chapter looks like. But then, the pandemic hit. Suddenly, she went from teaching 60 to 85 hours per week because they are required to be in the building from Monday to Friday and then take an iPad and film all of their lessons and spend the weekend editing them back down to 10-minute chunk lessons then pushing it back by Monday.

In October last year, she barely had the day off in 4 months because they are constantly trying to do what they could to keep the kids on the level and to teach them. She then started researching work-from-home jobs where she could babysit while doing what she loves to do and helping people.

She then came across the free mama movement of Lauren Golden, who teaches moms how to be virtual assistants. She thought that she can also do that because she checked emails all the time, she makes newsletters for parents, and do data all the time and so that’s how she started.

She built her virtual assistance business in December 2020. About February last year, she and her husband have some stuff to do with the boy scout, and they had to write something. His husband is just like he want something or he didn’t know what to do. She just sat down and started writing the words she heard from her husband. And then, she handed down the notes to her husband with all the things he said. He then decided to use it as a ticket for wood badge. With a wood badge, to do leadership, you have to pick 5 goals and you have a year and a half to do them. And she literally wrote his ticket based on what he was talking about.

That was a memorable moment for her because she realized that she loves to write. From that point in time, from being just a virtual assistant, she wants to pursue becoming a copywriter and content strategist. She also knew that her calling is to help people build a relationship.

Just because you are scared, you do it anyway. Do it because you know it’s the next right step.

There are days that you’ll feel that your move is scary. There are also days that what you did was a terrible plan. But you keep moving forward because that’s what you CAN do.

“Fail” means First Attempt in Learning. If you are learning something from it, then you really fail. As a business owner, fail faster. That’s because you have to have the lessons before you can be successful. You need to have this experience to get through with it. Fail faster because that’s one step closer to success.

3 Tips to Improve Your Writing and Build Confidence to Increase Sales

1. Do a journal every day. She sets a 15-20 minute timer to write down things that are bothering her, things that she needs to get done, and things that she has questions about life. She also makes sure that every day, she lists down the top 5 things she is grateful for. This will help you focus on your goals.

2. Outline. The process may work for others but not for you. You have to figure out the system that will work for you.

3. Build confidence and confidence comes from taking enthusiasm. When you write, you can always go back to it to edit it later or fix the typo. Stop waiting until it’s perfect because it’s not going to be perfect. Perfect doesn’t exist and so you just have to write it and if you get stuck into perfection, just let it go.

Find topics that you absolutely love to write about. It’s totally okay to write about them over and over again. Be okay if your message only reaches one person. If you serve one person every day, then you reach your goal. If you serve more people every day, then absolutely, do it!


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