94: Importance of Having Multiple Streams of Passive Income with Author Lisa Newton

Time is money. It’s important, especially when running a business so know not to put all your eggs in one basket.

We have Lisa Newton today to talk about the importance of multiple streams of passive income and how to write a book and battle your knowledge into one source.

My guest, Lisa Newton, has a master’s degree in investment management and a first-class honor degree in accounting and marketing. She has written books that include: How To Write A Book In Two Weeks: (Or Less)Constant CashflowMake the Most of Your MoneyHow to Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business and more. 

She is the host of The Authors Podcast, which I had the pleasure of being on. Her podcast gives some tips and inspires people to write a book.

More about Lisa: 

  • She owns a bookkeeping service and a book publishing company. She helps other people turn their ideas into books. 
  • Marketing was quite natural and easy for her 
  • Over the years, she realized that a lot of the knowledge she built over can be productized, and that’s where she had her first book written. That’s how she came into book publishing.

How to Earn a Passive Income

  • Writing books can be another way to make a passive income. One can try to write a career guidebook on what career they are into. How to get into it type of guidebook. Write a book about what you specialize in. 
  • Start with what you know and then explore.
  • She believes in multiple streams of passive income and owns as much of it as possible. 
  • She has turned the books she wrote into audiobooks and made courses out of the material as well. 
  • She shared that writing a book is one thing, and for her, it’s just the beginning because the marketing of the book is an ongoing sort of process. Marketing is constant. It’s important to understand who you’re readers and where to find them.
  • If you’re an innovator or a nurse who got some idea to solve a problem, then that is yours to write about. When you have a background, whether it’s scientific or medical, people do take you more seriously. You have to take your qualification, your skills, and your experience to your advantage, particularly when it comes to creating passive incomes.

Importance of Having Multiple Streams of Passive Income with Author Lisa Newton

Some Tools and Tips from Lisa: 
  • Invest in a good laptop. It will help you work comfortably and confidently as you look or create different ways to earn a passive income.
  • Some quiet time- spend time in a hotel lobby or a coffee shop 
  •  She shared that in writing a book you have to think of chapter headings. Gable your thoughts into groups. Write it in post-it notes so you can move around. 

“Sometimes a book can be bubbling around in your head for years but when you actually decide (to write), the process to get it out of paper and down could be a lot shorter than you might think.”

Lisa newton

You can find and connect with Lisa Newton in: 

Website: http://lisanewton.co.uk/ 

FB: @lisanewtonuk

Twitter: @lisa_newton1

IG: @booglesb

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