What are affiliates, how you can apply them to grow your business, and how you can help other businesses by being an affiliate for them? Join Janine in this episode to learn some simple and practical tips to utilize them effectively!

What are Affiliates?

Most companies have affiliate programs set up for business owners and consumers to share their products. The company will give you a code that you can share with your network and from the sales you made, you will receive a percentage or commission.

Why are these affiliates profitable to your business? Why would a business give you a commission? Why should your business utilize it? Simply because it’s – MONEY. Aside from that, it will give you a chance to help and support other businesses as well. 

Referrals are the BEST customers. The more referrals a business gets, the more profit it gains.

Janine Kelbach

Using Affiliates Effectively

Of course, utilizing affiliates is also great for your freelance writing business. How can you do this? Well, it’s easy. You can do a referral system with your clients as an affiliate.

You don’t have to really call it or create a referral program to make it work. Talk to your clients after you’ve done a retainer for them for a while and think about those big projects you’ve accomplished with them in the past years. Try to discuss with them a promotion that you are currently offering. One example of a promo offer is:

Give them your referral code that they can share on social media platforms or their website. 

Some affiliate platforms that you can use to set up your referral code:



The other way to use it is if you are offering digital or physical products. You can also give affiliate links to your clients or people in your network. One way to get started is to go to Amazon and sign-up as an Amazon Associate. It’s awesome because it’s free! Then, you can use it by promoting products that you like for you to get a commission.

For example, you can embed the affiliate code of the product to your blog. You can write about the product or maybe offer a gift-giving guide for your readers. Then, add the affiliate codes of those products and once the reader clicks the link, it will direct them to purchase that product via Amazon. Then, a successful purchase means you’ll get a commission.

One way Janine uses affiliates is by selling her book, the EntrepreNURSE, which is currently available on Amazon. If you purchase it directly to her website, she’ll get a commission through selling her product.

Check out the following resources or products that Janine uses to utilize the power of affiliates.

Also mentioned on the show:

Scrub Haven – a family-owned medical uniform shop serving medical professionals.

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