28: Goals for 2020 and Predictions for the Savvy Scribe — You Should Listen to This!

I have read the emails, responded to the Facebook group, and heard from you guys. I know you have been waiting patiently to hear from us. Here are our goals for 2020.

Take a listen.

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Goals for 2020

Today, in this podcast, we are going to tell you our goals for 2020 and what’s going on this year for The Savvy Scribe. Let’s have a look at AQED online platform. I also use the QED platform to manage my ideal clients on Savvy Scribe. The co-host of the podcasts is a working lady, so because of the tough time, onward she will not be in the podcast, but it doesn’t mean that she will not collaborate. The host and co-host will collaborate on some topics in which the cohost is necessarily required.

As there are many subscribers and so many interested people in making a healthcare marketing network, so, the show must go on. We have created a collaborative Facebook activity group where we will provide live sessions to interested people, and also we will provide videos related to healthcare marketing networks or freelancing writers.

In 2020, we are going to introduce a course but do not promise when it will be introduced, might be possible at the quarter, but we will provide a course supporting collaborative lab. These would be future steps, but if you have any ideas and want to share them with me, then you can share them on the official email of Savvy Scribe. Your idea would be highly appreciated.

If you have any questions, then reach out to us at our official email or reach us through our Facebook Page. Keep in touch with us for more podcasts.


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