213: From Passion to Profit — The Inspiring Journey of Wendy Sutas (A Plan, Produce, Profit Success Story)

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Welcome to another episode of The Savvy Scribe podcast! Today’s episode is part of our Plan, Produce, Profit series where we showcase the remarkable achievements of our PPP course participants. These aspiring freelance nurse writers join our course to learn the ins and outs of building their own businesses and gain invaluable knowledge and skills.
In this episode, we are delighted to introduce Wendy Sutas, one of our first PPP students, who will share her journey, the obstacles she faced, and the opportunities she discovered while pursuing her freelance nurse writing career. Join us as we delve into Wendy’s inspiring story and learn from her experiences in today’s series.

About Wendy Sutas:

Wendy Sutas, BSN, RN has over 25 years of experience in neonatal ICU, pediatrics, mother/baby, and utilization management. As the owner of Sutas Writing Solutions Co., she combines her solid clinical background with her writing skills to develop evidence-based health and wellness content for her clients.
She currently works in utilization management and has experience in Case Management with insurance companies, which she is able to do remotely from home.
Outside of work, she is married with three children, aged 20, 18, and 14. You can find her with her family and planning her next adventure in her free time. With her children being older, she is now in a good place in life.
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When I started PPP, I had just returned from a trip to the Netherlands, and I was seeking change, something that would give me the freedom to travel. My friends and family live in Canada and Europe, and I am always sad that so much time has been lost.

I have been nursing for over 25 years and now work remotely as a utilization management nurse. I knew I enjoyed working from home, but I wanted to explore something more fulfilling, and above all, I wanted freedom. I began to google jobs that would allow me to travel once my kids were grown.

I had no idea freelance writing as a nurse was even a thing until September. I found Savvy Nurse Writer in my search and signed up for an information session to check it out. I have always loved to write; I almost left my BSN nursing program to change to journalism. I thought this could not be true.

I was sold that night. Listening to you explain the possibilities and relating it to nursing just clicked. I dove into the course immediately. Between returning home to signing up for PPP was about 10 or 12 days.

I am married and have three children, but two are in college, and my youngest is 14 years old. I have more free time now than I have had in the last 20 years. I no longer work shift work, so my schedule was better, and the timing was perfect.
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Wendy Sutas, BSN, RN
Nurse Writer
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