186: The Building Blocks of a Profitable White Labeling Career with Lizzy Colombo

Before you start setting your schedule or setting your availability, make sure that you have those non-negotiables protected.

If you are looking to do freelancing, then this episode is perfect for you! My today’s guest, Lizzy Colombo, is sharing with us the benefits of white labeling career as well as the foundational pillars that we all need to get started and thrive in our freelance writing business!

Key points in this episode:

  • What is white labeling career
  • Why white labeling is perfect for beginners and seasoned writers
  • Benefits of white labeling in diversifying your income
  • The four key facets to a successful and profitable white labeling career
  • The foundational pillars that we all need to get started and thrive
  • Time blocking tips
  • Some time management tips for freelancers
  • Setting boundaries while meeting deadlines

About the guest:

Lizzy is the owner and lead designer of White Point Creative, a boutique creative agency that specializes in brag-worthy brand identities and custom ShowIt websites for lifestyle brands and wellness entrepreneurs. When she isn’t discovering new fonts or working with her clients and team, you can find her on the beach with her husband and English Springer Spaniels, Folly & Daisy.

She is a seasoned freelancer with over 7 years as a graphic designer. In the last few years, she has noticed an uptick in questions in FB groups about freelancing and white labeling. So she started answering questions pulling from her own successful professional career. Lizzy now holds Freelance Fridays, a live Instagram training, as well as producing content on the subject on her blog, newsletter, and Instagram! Watch out for her special new offering for freelancers in the fall!

Resources mentioned on the show:

Dubsado – a tool for invoicing, contracts, scheduler

Check out Lizzy on Instagram: @freelance.freedom.collective


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